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Recently the Taxpayers Association provided a list of links to Central Iowa city calendars, and we came across something that’s made us green with envy.

The city of Grimes’ website offers a Property Tax graph! Okay – okay – so we’re really excited about a graph. What can we say, we love clearly defined, easily understood data! Maybe not everyone adores graphs the way we do (we’ve even been known to include them on our holiday cards). All that being said when you want to know what those tax dollars you’ve mailed off are funding, how better to find out? Where’s ours? Now realistically our members and board live all over Central Iowa, but why shouldn’t every city have a clear and transparent display of where the taxpayers’ money has gone? Don’t get us wrong, much has been done to improve transparency, and there are all sorts of complex Excel spreadsheets available to the public if you know where to look. We’ve even analyzed them for you, and you can view the culmination of those analyses here: 2016-2017 Rate Comparison Charts (including some pretty great graphs if we do say so ourselves). Still, nothing brings home a true understanding of where your money has wandered off to and what’s being done with it like a personalized pie chart based on the value of YOUR property. Don’t believe us?

Check this out:


Are you a resident of Grimes? View your graph here.

It’s clear, it’s concise, it tells you exactly where all your money has gone. So, what do you think? Because all we want for Christmas is a Property Tax Graph of our very own on OUR cities’ websites! Don’t you?

Wondering how anyone decides where all your money goes?

We’d love to have you join us at The Cub Club on Thursday, January 26th, 2017 for the next event in our Ideas in Action series – The Art of Budgeting. We’ll be drawing up our own budgets – focused down to a handful of key categories – in small casual groups, and have the opportunity to learn more about how city budgets are decided on from a local city manager. Register here, have a couple drinks on us, and see how fun it can be to learn about how your tax dollars are spent while doing a little networking!

All we want for Christmas is a Property Tax Graph!

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