best practices, accountability

We recognize that local government officials share our goals for smart government where efficiency and effectiveness are the hallmarks of local services.  We envision a budgeting process that employs the following principles and practices:

  • Explicit consideration of taxpayer interests

  • Regular evaluation of better/faster/cheaper approaches to doing business

  • Avoids mission creep

  • Ensures long-term sustainability

For illustrations of how these principles can be implemented, see our Local Government Policy Agenda.

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You’re on board with our approach but not sure how to begin with your local school board or city council?
We’ve developed an Innovations Toolkit that gives you the resources.

We actively encourage local governments to collaborate with each other in the provision of services and/or functions.  Collaboration can result in lower unit costs and better service. Central Iowa taxing entities are already working together across jurisdictions and in a wide range of services.

Collaborative Efforts by Jurisdiction

Collaborative Efforts by Function