The Taxpayers Association is a 503c(4) organization and is therefore technically able to lobby for its purposes.  In practice the Association does not directly lobby the Iowa legislature; however it is vitally interested in legislation as it affects local property taxpayers.  It does serve as a source of information and exchange of ideas.

The Association’s primary focus is on state laws that drive government spending.  Our belief is that until state and local governments can exert more control over their personnel costs, there will be continuing pressure on property taxes.  Specifically the laws having to do with pension requirements and Chapter 20 collective bargaining procedures need to be understood for the impacts they have on state and local taxes.  The Association will continue to educate the public on the link between these issues.

2012 Session Issues

The 2012 General Assembly considered a variety of options for restricting the growth in residential property taxes and for reducing commercial property taxes.  Also considered were restrictions on the use of Tax Increment Financing.

Taxpayers Want Spending Control

The Property Tax Landscape — 2012

Changes in 2011 Taxable Valuation – Central Iowa and Statewide