Would you like to have a seat at the table when important decisions are made concerning YOUR money?

Every year, local governments in central Iowa spend more than $2 billion to educate kids, maintain streets and keep us safe–just to name a few of the important functions and services they provide.  Our local officials do a good job in setting policy and providing oversight.

Yet, they are subject to intense pressure from many interest groups for ever-more spending.  We don’t dispute the legitimate concerns of employees and vendors, but who speaks for the taxpayers?  Taxpayers need their voices to be heard so that decisions are made with a balanced perspective.  The Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa makes sure our elected officials hear the voice of the taxpayer, even as they respond to a myriad of special interests.  It is only through the Association that we can make ourselves heard.

Benefits of T.A.C.I. Membership

  • Education

Through regular communication with members and opinion pieces in local media, members are informed of pending legislation and issues affecting local property taxpayers.

  • Networking

T.A.C.I. in the Tavern provides regular opportunities for members to interact with local elected officials and other civic-minded citizens. The Association’s participation in various central Iowa regional organizations, such as the Greater Des Moines Partnership gives us a voice in the innovation and collaboration that characterizes much of the region.

  • Advocacy

Relationships with local elected officials enable the Association to play a key role in informing state public policy as it affects local government–especially in areas of property tax and pension reform.

  • Research

The Association provides facts and insights that allow citizens to hold their local governments accountable. We are proactive in identifying and pursuing specific actions that produce cost savings, and/or service improvements.

Businesses should consider their dues an investment in making sure that property taxes are reasonable, and that best value is obtained for every tax dollar.  

Business members are welcome to have as many employees participate as possible.  We are especially looking for people with strong business operations experience.

Individuals, whether joining as an individual or as a company representative, receive a variety of benefits from membership including:

  • The satisfaction of making a personal difference in the decisions of your local governments;
  • Staying informed about issues of community importance;
  • Leadership development opportunities through building relationships with local officials and through exposure to the workings of City Councils, Boards of Education, and other local governments;
  • Business development opportunities through ongoing contact with bankers, property lawyers, developers, real estate brokers and appraisers, public policy experts and others concerned with local property taxes;
  • Professional development opportunities through leadership of committees or fulfilling Association leadership roles.


Retired elected officials are especially welcome, as their experience and insight is invaluable in the work of the association.