Nominations for the “In the Public Interest” Award are now being accepted.

It is that time of the year where we begin the process of selecting this year’s “In The Public Interest” Award recipient!  Candidates may be an individual, a group of individuals, or an intergovernmental project.

Special interests and vested interests can exert a tremendous amount of pressure and influence on every level of government.  Sometimes, rising above that pressure to do what’s best for the public good can be challenging and that is why our award is titled, “In The Public Interest”. The award also recognizes the cost-saving,  innovation, collaboration and creativity by local governments in central Iowa.

Candidates for the award will be identified primarily by Association members as they interact with local governments, but nominations will also be accepted from outside the membership.

  • Outcome – what was the outcome and why is it significant for taxpayers?
  • Initiative – would the results have been accomplished in the normal course of  business, or did it require special leadership/initiative by a person or group? Why?
  • Resolve – to what extend did the candidate encounter specific interests or interest groups that perceived a potential adverse impact, and how was that handled?
  • Applicability – to what extent is the action replicable by others or applicable at a broader scale?
  • Please submit an email with your nominees’ qualifications and contact information to:

Gretchen Tegeler c/o Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa

no later than January 16, 2015