Comparing Central Iowa Tax Rates

property tax comparison, city budgetsThe Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa produces a number of annual reports that provide comparisons among Central Iowa’s cities, schools and other taxing entities.

 The source data for nearly all these reports is the State of Iowa Department of Management’s Local Budget Division. All local governments must file their budget annually with the State. These budges are used as a consistent source of information for the comparative analyses. All source data may be found at the State of Iowa Department of Management website.

Property Tax Comparisons

This report compares tax rates among cities, school districts and other local governments in central Iowa.  The report also shows a comparison with the prior year.   It is a very rough indicator of local government efficiency when coupled with a personal assessment of the level of services provided and/or educational outcomes.  It is also a good way to monitor changes in tax rates from year to year.

For a longer term comparison, see our Ten-Year Tax Comparisons – comparing growth in property taxes with inflation. 

Make your own comparisons. See how your city’s budget, debt, fund balances, and taxable valuations stack up against other cities in the metro using our CXR-Finance-Tool.

Spending Comparisons

These reports provide a series of charts and graphs on spending.  They are useful to compare one’s own city or school district with others in the metro area and may suggest areas for inquiry when large differences are apparent.