The Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa is the only organization providing oversight to assure that central Iowans’ tax dollars are spent wisely and responsibly.  Such oversight is especially important in a region that is home to 127 taxing entities: 44 cities, 28 school districts, and 55 other taxing authorities within Polk, Warren, and Dallas counties. Our data-driven, independent approach positions us to advocate for our members’ interest and move the region toward a sustainable tax environment. Through us, you have a seat at the table when local governments are making decisions about spending YOUR money. Your membership gives you a voice.

Consider your dues an investment in making sure that property taxes are reasonable and local taxing entities obtain the best value for every tax dollar. Other benefits of membership include:

  •  the satisfaction of making a personal difference in the decisions of your local government
  • staying informed about issues of importance to the community
  • leadership and professional development opportunities through building relationships with local officials and organizations
  • business development opportunities through ongoing contact with bankers, property lawyers, developers, real estate brokers and appraisers, public policy experts and others concerned with local property taxes

Membership is open to individuals and businesses. Business members are encouraged to have as many employees participate as possible.